3 Things To Do In Kings Cross London

Kings Cross Station is a famous landmark. There are plenty of things to do, but here are just three that you can enjoy. We love exploring and we believe you are the kind of person who loves exploring and discovering new things too. The first thing you must do is:

  1. Go to Platform 9 and  ¾

You can take a picture of yourself at this famous landmark, trying to slam a luggage trolley through the wall of the platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station. You can skip the line and purchase your ticket directly here.

2. Explore St Pancras Inside and Out. 

You will need more than one hour to explore, so grab your latte and start walking.

The Dent Clock  is located on the upper floor, near the Eurostar.  It’s a replica completed with painstaking attention to detail after the original was dropped and shattered into a billion pieces.

The statue of John Betjeman is also located on the upper floor. He is famous for saving the station from being knocked down in the 1960s.

The meeting place, also known as the lover’s statue, is located under the Dent Clock. The original design had the lovers kissing, but British prudishness prevailed and the lovers are more innocently knocking heads.

3. A glass of Champagne at St Pancras.

Searcy’s Champagne bar, located on the upper floor of St Pancras Station, is in a perfect spot for some pre-Eurostar fizz. It’s not only a great attraction but is also Europe’s longest champagne bar, stretching 98 meters under the station’s sweeping glass roof.

It might get a bit chilly so we suggest you take your own blanket.


There you have it… three things to do at Kings Cross. Once you are done exploring, you can come back to your cosy room at Central Hotel London and prepare for next day. If you are on Instagram, follow us for Travel Inspiration: @centralhotellondon



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