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Beautiful Beer Gardens In London

Summer is already here, the lockdown is lifted, businesses start to open slowly and hotels are opening on the 04th of July. It looks like we are going back to our normal lives. With all the social distancing rules we thought to look for beautiful beer gardens in London, and we do have plenty of

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The Unique Histories Of London’s Prettiest Garden Squares

In this article, we would like to share with you interesting stories about London’s prettiest garden squares. If you explored London, even once you noticed that central London is filled with beautiful small Garden Squares. London’s garden squares have long been the envy of those without access to them. In every corner of the city,

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Explore Your Mind Series

In these challenging times, we decided to launch a new inspiring series to help our guests overcome difficult challenges they might face. We are facing a global pandemic, we are all in lockdown and we are all uncertain about our future. That’s why we decided to step up and create something that will inspire all

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9 Travel Documentaries To Watch Right Now

We recently wrote an article and suggested 14 travel films to watch and you loved it. Today we want to share with you 9 travel documentaries to watch to explore your mind. Sometimes you watch a movie and you have ‘I want to go there’ moment and sometimes you watch a movie and it makes

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14 Travel Films You Will Love

Because we can’t travel it doesn’t mean we can’t get inspired and immerse ourselves in a good movie. Today we would like to share with you fourteen travel movies you can enjoy while we are all at home, well the majority at home. Movies have the power to captivate our imagination in unique ways, with

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7 Things That Tourists Should Never Do In London

We talk a lot about what you should do and where to explore London but, in this article, we want to share with you what you should AVOID at all costs. This is a MIND the GAP article. We hope this article will help you avoid some tourist traps and as an explorer you are,

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