Our Story

Our New Short Film: Explore More. Do More


Hello friend

If you are looking for a hotel like Buckingham Palace we are not the hotel for you. We are a small family run hotel that wants you to explore more and do more in the city. After a long day, you can come to your cozy and warm room to have a shower, a cup of tea and sleep tight.

Fun & Interesting Facts:

  • We are 10 seconds away from Kings Cross Station
  • Every Sunday, they walk (Arthur & Emmanuel) to Kings Cross and have a Cappuccino and Americano there. You can guess who drinks what.
  • King’s Cross St. Pancras has the shortest lift at 2.3 meters.
  • London has over 170 museums
  • Back in 1931 King’s Cross Station nearly had a runway on its roof
  • Kings Cross is home to the only platform zero in London
  • The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace (which is close to us)

This is us. This is our story.

Total immersion in a new destination is therapy for the mind, heart and soul. Travel reignites our passions, and restores our spirits; travel is magical.

Travel is magical, but we believe that it shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the few; it should be an essential part of our lives. We want you to explore our city, and its magic, and to explore it deeply; that is our vision.

When we are looking to book a hotel room in London, we want a seamless experience and a comfortable room, without any surprises. We all want a cosy, clean space, with hot water, close to public transport, and friendly people. But it’s not always the case, and cool or distant customer service all too common.

Ours is a family-run business, now by its third generation. It is led by two brothers, Emmanuel and Arthur; the hotel was established by their grandparents when they moved from Malta to London in the 1950s. Emmanuel started working in the hotel just over 35 years ago, when reservations were still received by letter. Arthur joined the business a few years later.

From Central Hotel’s doorstep you meet the fresh-faced, vibrant energy of our city. Take a left turn and you will see King’s Cross railway station. Featured in many books and films, it is both a landmark of gorgeous, classic Victorian architecture and a contemporary hub, imbued with over 160 years of history. It is also the first step to all that London has to offer.

At Central Hotel, we are dedicated to ensuring our guests have a beautiful experience. We deliver the highest standards for our guests’ comfort, helping them to explore more and do more in London.