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8 Cool Must Visit Restaurants in Kings Cross

Food is something that is not just to make our bellies full, food does so much more. When we eat we connect with family, friends, and strangers. Even when we eat by ourselves we connect with ourselves, that is if we eat mindfully hence it’s important to be eating mindfully.

Food can take us on a journey, it can tell us a lot about a culture, about people, about places. When you travel to a new city one of the first things you look for is, of course food. What would we do without food? I don’t know about you, but I know that food is important to our wellbeing and it nourishes our bodies, some say – our temples.

In London there are 39,338 restaurants, that’s a large number of restaurants. One of the most commonly asked questions we get is, what is the best restaurant to visit? We all have different tastes, styles, and preferences; but we all can agree when something is just delicious.

Because we don’t have the time to explore 39,338 restaurants, we have explored eight cool restaurants in Kings Cross that will make your belly smile and possibly bigger, unless you eat salads, then your belly will stay the same, or slightly bigger, or just wink. You got the point, whatever the case here are eight cool places to eat.

  1. Happy Face Pizza

Places To Eat In Kings Cross – Happy Pizza

Who doesn’t like Pizza? Who? Show us a person who doesn’t like Pizza? Happy Face Pizza serves authentic Italian pizza, wood – fired, and made with a 72 hour fermented dough for you to enjoy. With your Italian pizza you can enjoy an Italian wine list, house-bottled cocktails, espresso, and local gelato. This restaurant shares a building with Everyman Cinema, so you can have a pizza, and watch a movie.

Our favourite:  Melanzana – tomato, mozzarella, aubergine and basil.


2. Spiritland at King’s Cross

Would you like to eat and enjoy great music? Well Spiritland is café by day, and bar by night. They are very passionate about music. This is a place to experience music of all genres and eras on one of the world’s best sound systems. From 50s jazz to deep electronica, country rock to classic pop, if it’s good, it’s here.

Every night they have DJ sets, daily album playbacks, and artist talks. The ‘Spiritland Talks’ series has offered evenings spent with Bill Nighy, Nick Hornby, Tom Dixon and more. Hot Chip and Jarvis Cocker have run residencies, and in collaboration with neighbours Everyman Cinema offer a monthly music film night. You can actually have a look at their website and listen to their live music:

How about some food I hear you scream? Yes, we got excited about their music + food! So, they do have a breakfast menu, lunch menu, and dinner menu; with a lot of options for you to choose from.

You can view more here:


3. Parrillan Terrace Bar & Grill

How about we enjoy a meal with a view? Parrilan is a terrace bar with a stunning view of Regent’s Canal. How about you cook your own meal? That’s absurd right? No, we think it’s a great idea. Parrillan serves Spanish para picar and with a choice of meat, seafood, and vegetables to be cooked by yourself on your own bespoke parrilla mini-grills.

You might want to enjoy a sweet Spanish wine with your meal as well. Well, Parrillan offers wines, sherries, and Cavas by the glass or bottle. If you fancy cocktails you can ask for  unique cocktails, or a list of Spanish gin and tonics.

To view their menu, you can check out their website here:

4. Coal Office

At first we thought it was an office to be honest with you, then we discovered that it was a restaurant created by Chef Assaf Granit and British designer Tom Dixon. Coal office is their food and design playground which is rich in material, style, and of course unique flavour.

It’s a contemporary, inventive, Middle Eastern cuisine with family-style sharing plates largely influenced by Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Jerusalem traditions.

You can view more information and their menu here:

5. Granary Square Brasserie

If your soul fancies a mix of modern British and International dishes, then this is the place to be. The brasserie offers the perfect breakfast to start the day, lunch or afternoon tea/coffee, and is the ideal location to relax.

The striking central bar, located in the heart of the restaurant, is a lovely place to enjoy a cocktail, and the Bar Manager has designed drinks inspired by the surroundings in Kings Cross.

There are live DJ’s as wel. If you are going on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday you will experience music and food. You will be amazed at how a great soundtrack can improve your meal at Granary Square.

For more information you can check them out here:

6. German Gymnasium

You might think why did they name a restaurant in Kings Cross London German, right? Well we went into Sherlock Holmes mode and discovered that the restaurant is in the historic German Gymnasium building, a Kings Cross landmark, and the venue for the first National Olympic Games in 1866.

They have a coffee shop on the ground floor that offers all-day dinning, with heated terraces opening out onto the squares. The Meister Bar shakes up some of the city’s best cocktails, and upstairs on the mezzanine level a smaller restaurant and elegant private dining room overlook the brasserie below.

Their menu of course is inspired by German, Austrian, and Eastern European cuisine.

You can have a look at their menu here:

7. The Lighterman

You can enjoy a burger with a view of Regent’s Canal on one side, and you can enjoy a beer on the other side overlooking Granary Square. The Lighterman dining room and bar is inspired by the industrial past of King’s Cross, and the Victorian Lightermen who worked on flat-bottomed barges, known as “Lighters”, on the canals and rivers of London.

They have three floors offering stunning views across Granary Square and the Regent’s Canal, The Lighterman is a place to relax and enjoy all-day drinking and dinning.

Their food is modern British and European. They have a wide range of choices from seasonal salads & flatbreads, to meat and fish cooked on their wood-fired grill. The bar offers a wide range of sustainable and biodynamic wines as well as independently produced local craft beers.

You can view their menu here:

8. Beer + Burger

This one is really straight forward. Their marketing department were eager to get on with the name and logo aspect and decided to name it as it is, what do we sell? Burgers. What do we drink? Beer. So, let’s name it Beer + Burger.  Nice one.

Well this is self-explanatory; they do sell big and delicious burgers that will make your mouth melt. They claim they serve the best beer on the planet, and every day they have a daily tap list, which you can view here:

They do have two great other interesting things about them; Best Friend Tuesday which means that the last Tuesday of every month is best friend Tuesday. It’s really simple, you come with a friend and buy them a burger. Smart right? You know where to find me every last Tuesday of the month.

What’s more interesting, if you are feeling guilty about all the burgers you eat, they have a running club. So basically, they run 10K together and have a beer afterwards, on them of course. Keep fit and drink beer – it’s a win win they say. So, don’t forget your running shoes if you fancy a run and a free beer.

They do have one more club, unfortunately it’s not in Kings Cross though – it’s in Dalston + Willesden Stores. It’s a Beer + Burger Bottle Club. They learn, talk, and drink beer. It’s like a book club but better. At 19:00 on the third Wednesday of each month they meet and drink. For more details you can go to their website here:

One more because you are special.


9. O’Neill’s Kings Cross

So, this one is Emmanuel and Arthurs favourite pub and bar. Both brothers love going there to enjoy a meal, a drink, and a coke. We will let you figure out who drinks what. O’Neill is a traditional Irish pub downstairs, and on the first floor it’s a restaurant. Well, it’s a restaurant downstairs and upstairs but we recommend going to the first floor because it’s less busy.

They do have live music every week, you can watch football, and you can have a quiet night out solo, or with a friend.

For vegans and vegetarians; they have delicious options that are plant based as well.

To view their menu you can have a look here:

So, there you have it, nine cool restaurants to visit in Kings Cross. We are sure you will find something that you will enjoy. For you to learn and explore new things you need to try; so we do recommend to explore new places, to explore new foods that you have never tried before rather than going for the usual. Try new things and see how your world opens up.

Let us know in the comments below what is your favourite spot in Kings Cross, and we would love to explore it ourselves and recommend it to our guests.

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