Exclusive Spa Package for Direct Bookings

We want our guests to explore more because there is more to life than being in a hotel room, right? When we explore we become more alive, we learn new things, we create new experiences which become memories.

Who loves a good massage? We don’t think there is a person who doesn’t like a good massage. We partnered up with our neighbor Siam Body & Soul in Kings Cross to create a special spa package for you.

Siam Body & Soul Kings Cross

All our guests that book direct with us on our website will receive an exclusive card for a 10% discount. Siam Body & Soul is located five minutes away from Central Hotel. It’s a beautiful relaxing Thai SPA that makes you feel welcome and special when you enter and thoroughly pampered when you leave. Siam offers a large variety of massages such as Thai massage, Thai Combination Massage, Relaxing massage, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology / Thai foot massage, Aromatherapy Hot Oil, Lymphatic drainage massage, Indian head massage and for our guests that traveled from outside Europe you can get a Jet-lag massage.

Siam Body & Soul

There are so many benefits of a massage, here are some:

-Reduced muscle tension
-Improved circulation
-Reduction of stress hormones
-Increased joint mobility and flexibility
and plenty more which we will let Siam explain to you.

When you make your booking with us you will receive your special card at the reception.

See you in London, if you have any questions you can always contact us by sending us an email or a DM on social media.

7 Instagramable Places In London

London is a very attractive destination for people who want to make their Instagram feed look lit and have a magnificent time in this magical city. If you search #London on Instagram you can find 92 million pictures of this city.

London has streets, cafes, pubs, rooftops, rivers and parks that are all Instragramable. If you stay in London for the next seven days you won’t be able to visit every single location because there are so many of them. Let’s not forget that London has 8 million people living here.

We decided to do some research and share with you the best places you want to take your camera and shoot.

1. Portobello Road – Notting Hill

Colourful Instagramable Location in London

Portobello Road is known for its’ colorful and bright houses in Notting Hill. It’s home to the world-famous market, is at the heart of the film Notting Hill. For those who are not aware, the film ‘Notting Hill’ is about a love affair between the American actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) and British bookseller William Thacker (Hugh Grant). It has catapulted the London film locations into stardom, attracting tourists even almost 20 years after the film was shot. The opening scenes were also shot at this road. There are plenty of antique shops to visit, a food market and a whole selection of different antique book stores. You can find plenty of creative spots to pose and take a beautiful selfie. Click Here for Google Map for Portobello Road.

2. Hillgate Place

This is an amazing place for your Instagram backdrop; this street and surrounding areas have colorful and beautiful houses for you to pose in front of strangers houses and pretend that you live there. If you are considering buying one of these houses, prices start at around £2million pounds for a two bedroom apartment. If not you can always have it on your to-buy list. Exact location on Google Maps here.

3. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge London

This bridge is the most Instagramable place in London. Tower Bridge is one of the single most photogenic spots in London and people go crazy to take a great picture. Last week I saw a girl on the floor taking a selfie, I still can’t figure why the floor was so Instagramable rather than the bridge but hey, she surely had a reason to do it. This location as you would expect is always busy, super busy. It doesn’t matter if it’s Monday or Sunday, it’s always busy. The trick to snap a great picture is to get there super early. I know, you want to sleep in but why not explore more and take beautiful pictures. We would even suggest to skip the breakfast, even it’s included at our hotel but hey you can do with less sleep and skip breakfast. You can come back at 09:00 and have your breakfast.

4. St Paul’s Cathedral (from the left / river side)

There are many locations you can choose when visiting any place but St Paul’s Cathedral has one particular location that is spectacular. This shows how huge the Cathedral is and how beautiful the buildings compliment each other. You can click here to view the exact location on Google Maps.

St Pauls Cathedral

5. Millennium Bridge

This is a very unique bridge that has it’s own beauty. You can come early to the bridge to avoid tourists and snap a beautiful picture and enjoy the sunset. This bridge is was officially opened by the Queen on 10th of June 2000, two month later than originally planned.

Interesting Fact: Around 80,000 people crossed the bridge on its opening day, with 2,000 on the bridge at any one time.

Millennium Bridge London

6. Coal Drop Yards

This is a brand new spot in Kings Cross. It’s a new witty and creative retail development that inspires creativity. Not many people know about this spot so it’s your turn to shoot some great pictures of this beautiful architecture. You can view the location on Google Maps here.

Interesting Fact: Kings Cross Central is now a huge office destination for creative industries, Coal Drop Years are building new offices, Facebook rumored to be in talks to move in.

Coal Drop Yards

7. St Pancras International

St Pancras has more than 30 locations to take amazing pictures for your Instagram feed. St Pancras is the most connected station in London. It’s famous not only for the train station but for it’s food and shopping experience as well. The station welcomes 50 million people per year. You can view the location on Google Maps here.

Interesting Fact: Everyone knows that John Betjeman played a big part in saving St Pancras from the wrecking ball. Tourists and Londoners love to pose next to his larger than life size bronze statue by sculptor Martin Jennings. What they might not have noticed is that Betjeman’s billowing coattails seem to mimic the curve of the train shed’s rood – which, at 74.8 wide, was the largest sing roof-span in the world when built in 1862.

St Pancras International – John Betjeman.
St Pancras International

There you have it, seven amazing places to visit and make your Instagram look amazing. Did you notice we didn’t even include Big Ben and 99 other popular locations? Well that’s because there are so many beautiful locations that you can visit and enjoy. We will be writing more tips and locations on where you can take great pictures, you can sign up for our newsletter here.

If you are interested in exploring more London we created a complimentary e-book on how to explore London under £300 in one weekend, you can download it here: https://centralhotellondon.com/explore

If you are looking to book a hotel, of course, don’t hesitate, we are right next to St Pancras station, you can book direct with us and get a surprise.

In the meantime, you can get inspired daily on our Instagram by clicking here and add #exploremoredomore hashtag to your pictures so we can share them on our stories.

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How To Enjoy A Day In London For Under £20

People have this preconceived idea that London is expensive. Now of course that can be true, if you hang around movie stars and celebrities. But, you can enjoy London for next to nothing if you know where to look.  Coming up, some great ideas that will help you to make the most of your time here in the city. There are so many things you can do in London, it’s ridiculous. Whoever said you can’t enjoy life with a little less? Of course you can, and we are here to prove it to you.

First let’s think transportation. You will need to get around London, so why not get a bike and experience London like never before? You can get a Santander Cycle for just £2 for 24 hours or you can get a Mobike from various locations around central London, including just outside the Central Hotel London (that’s us). It’s a new and enjoyable way to experience the city. You can park wherever you want in many central locations and return the bike by signing out. You can ride to Camden town and experience a different part of the city or you can ride around Kings Cross or the brand new Coal Drop Yard.

Now, food time! When you get hungry you can grab a tasty lunch such as a burrito or mac ‘n’ cheese from a street food truck for only a fiver (that’s £5 to our foreign visitors). For vegan diners, a delicious sandwich from Veggie Pret is also around £5, and there’s one really close to Kings Cross Station.

Next it’s time for entertainment. If you fancy a laugh, London hosts some of the world’s best stand-up comedy, with some of the best in the world performing right here. Before you head into a comedy gig, look out for comedy club promoters, you can distinguish them by their red t-shirts. Usually you can get a 50% discount if you get one of their vouchers, so that’ll only cost you around £5 again.

You might not be into comedy, right? Well, you can always visit a late night museum, the Barbican galleries are open until 10pm every Thursday during exhibition events. On top of that, you can enjoy special events or talks which are generally free. If you fancy a drink you can enjoy one while you listen to a DJ mixing music for you too.

For a look back into history, check out the British Museum, the Camden Arts Centre, the amazing Design Museum, Handel House Museum or the London Transport Museum. You could visit the world famous National Portrait Gallery or relax at Late Shift Bar, Portrait café or the Portrait Restaurant to mix creative input with your meal.

Okay, so maybe something a little different…..  I get it, you want something more, you want to do something that will involve a bit of anxiety. Then you will love Café Kick. You can score some goals and thrash your friends at the table football for only £1. Besides their Bonzini tables  they have an international selection of beers, continental food, world music and three French football tables to go with the world theme.

Talking about beer, there is an amazing bar you really should visit, Brewdog. Yeah I know, right? It’s not your traditional British pub that serves Guinness and Stella Artois. They serve only their own beer (BrewDog) and they have a large variety of options. When I visited, there was a lady in front of me speaking to the barman about all their beers and how different the taste is from other beers. They were at it for 15 minutes… Eventually I ordered from another barman, I couldn’t wait any longer. It’s definitely worth a visit to try something different. Their beer is under £5 a pint, too.

Once you’ve enjoyed your BrewDog pint, head out and experience some live music. The Jazz Café in Camden hosts a mix of breakthrough afrobeat, rap, reggae and disco throughout the week, with some under-the-radar gigs and events costing no more than £10 for entry. The best way to check out the cheapest tickets is via an app like: https://tickets.london or from their official website.

We think one of the best ways to experience London is to visit Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street. It’s located among three storeys of exquisite public gardens, with 360-degree panoramic city views as a backdrop. You can book your visit for free here: skygarden.london/booking.   It also has a stunning restaurant and two destination bars, but maybe on your £20 budget it might be best to eat before you go!

If you love great views you can gaze at the river Thames through a pair of binoculars at the Morpeth Arms’ Spying Room, whilst enjoying a pint for under the magical fiver.  Then maybe after the food, beer and music you’re ready for a decent walk and the chance to learn about some local murders….  So, to scare you a little, how about trying out the Jack the Ripper Ghost Walks? At a cost of just £10, it’s an exciting trip that you will probably remember for the rest of your life.

Finally, not everybody is into the same things, so that’s why if you love travel and sightseeing you could take a canal boat ride from Little Venice to Camden for £9.50. You will enjoy a glorious trip on a boat and experience London from an entirely different perspective.

There are so many things that you can do in this glorious city that it blows me away. You can’t visit London just once and of course there are so many things to discover, to learn, to explore and do to. With the ideas that we shared with you today, you can explore London for just £20 by choosing one or two activities. There is no reason why you should stay in your room and not experience this amazing city, so let’s go, let’s see and explore more.

If you are thinking of visiting London and haven’t’ booked your stay, then of course you can book directly on our website to get the very best rate. Book today to avoid disappointment and follow us on Instagram for more inspirational ideas.

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